Optional complete set of industrial boilers

Ash removal

During the operation of a solid fuel boiler, ash accumulates in the ash pan, furnace, as well as the convective part of the heat exchanger. Delayed cleaning of these parts of the boiler leads to power and efficiency reduction. To ensure efficient operation and continuity of service of the boiler, we propose to use automatic (unattended) ash removal of the boiler, thus enabling the smooth operation of the boiler and reducing the impact of the human factor on boiler maintenance. The ash removal system is a construction design based on the principle of joint work of the movable floor and the screw conveyor, engineered for centralized removal of ash, poured from the furnace of the boiler to the bottom of the ash pit and then entering the ash tank. This design substantially simplifies and mechanizes the process of unloading ash from the boiler, which allows to increase the service life of the boiler. The frequency of cleaning such a tank from ash depends on the quality of fuel and boiler settings. Accumulation tanks are designed for uninterrupted operation for 4-5 days.

Pneumatic cleaning

During operation, the heat exchangers of the boilers require periodic cleaning. Ash accumulated in the heat exchange part, first of all, creates aerodynamic resistance drag and significantly impairs the heat transfer process, thereby causing a drop in power and efficiency.

Cleaning the heat exchanger in manual mode requires a complete shutdown of the boiler for a certain time, which creates discomfort to heat consumers and service personnel. With installation of pneumatic cleaning, the heat exchanger is cleaned automatically without stopping the boiler. The device is a universal cleaning system, which is made in the form of receivers installed in front of the heat exchanger door. Pneumatic cleaners are installed on boilers of "M" and "M-1" series, and, at the request of the customer, they can be applied to boilers with manual loading. The number of receivers and pneumatic valves in them depends on power of the boiler, namely the size of the convective part of the heat exchanger.

Refractory concrete production

Our company manufactures items (component parts) from refractory concrete, and actively uses them in boiler equipment, both in domestic and industrial boilers. Refractory parts have proven themselves surprisingly well, because this material has a high heat capacity and at the same time a small linear expansion while significantly heated. They in combination with design features of boilers perform as catalysts in the course of burning, protect separate details of boilers from overheat and provide full combustion of biomass of any humidity. The scope of application of refractory concrete parts is quite wide: heat power industry, metallurgy of smelters, blast furnaces and household furnaces, fireplaces, induction furnaces, etc.

We produce refractory production of any configuration and complexity, for different operating and application conditions.

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