Agricultural products

LLC "Volyn - Kalvis" has another area of ​​production - agricultural engineering, or rather products for mechanization of livestock farms and poultry farms.

 Manure conveyor KSG-8 is an upgraded version of the conveyor TSN-3.OB, designed for cleaning manure with any type of litter (including finely chopped straw), with tethered animals, while simultaneously loading into the vehicle  using an inclined conveyor.

 The manure conveyor KSG-1 is a modernization of the TSN-2B conveyor, differs in use of a chain with a forged link that allows to receive high indicators of reliability and a substantial operation life of the conveyor.

 In contrast to the conveyors TSN-2B and TSN -3, OB, the conveyors KSG-1 and KSG-8 introduced the following design solutions:

 The products are sold on the market of Ukraine, but a large share of these products is sold on the market of the Baltic States and Belarus.

 The team of Volyn-Kalvis LLC is working to expand the development of products and spare parts intended for the agro-industrial sector.

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